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Perancangan Diklat Manajemen ASN PUSBANG BKN

The civil service is the backbone of the state, and can either support or undermine a country’s entire system of governance. Barriers to successful civil service reform include Political will, Systems of patronage, Weak institutions, and Lack of an analytical framework.  Today, public servants training and deevelopment in Indonesia, like in many countries around the world, face major challenges, including an increasingly demanding citizenry, up-lifting public service, intensifying continuous improvement processes, and rapid developments in the use of information and communication technologies. 

Sebagai People Development  Expert, PUSBANG BADAN KEPEGAWAIAN NEGARA meminta  Dr. Darmin A. Pella dan Tim untuk melakukan Perancangan Diklat Manajemen ASN PUSBANG BKN. 


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